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Exceptional value, Excellent service

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A very warm Antiguan welcome to the Think Jolly online training programme brought to you by the Jolly Beach Resort and Spa.


The all-inclusive concept was invented in the Caribbean and the Jolly Beach Resort Spa in Antigua has taken the idea to a new level by creating an exceptional Caribbean experience at outstanding value for money.


Picture a Caribbean resort with a mile of white sand beach, a wide range of accommodation options, five restaurants, an 8,000 sq ft swimming pool and just about every water- and land-based activity you can think of and you’re just starting to get a taste of Jolly.


Whether you’re selling family holidays, weddings and honeymoons or a Caribbean holiday for couples of all ages, the Jolly Beach Resort Spa is the perfect option.


Think Jolly has been written to give you everything you need to maximise your sales to this Caribbean gem. Learn and enjoy but,
whatever you do, Think Jolly – situated on the best beach by a mile!